There’s More To The Picture Than Meets The Eye

4 Oct

October 4, 2016

Lately i have learned to understand a nother basic Truth, and that is one that they told me when i was a small child. They used to tell me “if you don’t take care of your things, you will lose them”. This is true for all things. Our toys, our tools, if we don’t take care of our spouse we will lose them, if we don’t take care of our teeth, or our body, or our physical health, we will lose them. The same goes for our Spiritual Life. If we don’t take care of our Spiritual Life, we will lose it also. This is True for everything. Now if we are careless, and we lose our teeth, or we lose our physical life, we lost it because we didn’t take care of it, not because God hated us. It’s no ones’ fault but our own. No one else is going to feel sorry for you, only yourself, because you lost your Spiritual Life and we didn’t lose ours.

So in order to take care of ourselves, we must do certain things. We can’t just sit around believing that we will do something, but in order for anything to get done, some action needs to be taken. We have to take action to take care of our things. We can’t just talk about doing things, all the worthless talk in the world will never get anything done. The same thing goes for being saved and going to Heaven. We can’t just believe that we will go to Heaven, or talk about it, and then be saved without doing anything. We have to believe in Jesus, this is True. But it does not stop at believing. Jesus told us to “go forth and do likewise” and be good Samaritans. That means be a good Samaritan everyday. Good Samaritans are good all the time. That means helping people every day. Being a Christian is not being a good Samaritan one time, then counting on that to get you into Heaven. Neither will believing in being saved, or talking about being saved, but actually doing the things that save  you is what will save you. Being a Christian is being reactive, and proactive. It is a way of life. It affects everything you do, daily. You cannot just stand there and believe that you will fly to the moon, because you will never go anywhere. You must take the steps necessary to fly to the moon, otherwise you will never get there. But, with the moon and all the planets being nothing more than lights, the planets therefore have no mass at all. So i realize there is a lot of bad science, such as calculating the mass of planets and such to support the other bad science. The funny thing is that none of it is true.

Before i mentioned which is worse, people who commit crimes, or people who stand by and allow criminals to commit crimes. Now i see that neither is worse, they are both the same amount of evil. By this example, we can see that as Christians, who are duty bound to be good Samaritans every day, by following Jesus commandment, we could not stand by and watch crimes being committed. This is not being a Christian. So being a Christian is more than just believing you will go to HEaven, it is daily work and effort and sometimes struggle and inconvenience. NO where are we ever promised that anything will last forever, except our Spiritual Life. But if we don’t take care of our Spiritual Life, we will lose it before we ever get it. That means forever.




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