God’s Baby Pictures

29 Sep

September 28, 2016

I’ll sure be glad when i can go to Heaven, finally. But i have to get my chores done first.

I watched a video about the college sports. They have a lot of nice young folks there. I think that anybody who wants to send them to war for bankers to profit should be arrested and prosecuted. Sometimes i think it takes more courage not to go to war, than it does to follow the herd and go to war like everyone else. Like Muhammad Ali, he said he didn’t care what they did to him, he would not go. It took courage for him to refuse. That’s the funny thing about life. We get put into life under whatever circumstances we find ourself in. We have to live in a world that other people created. To that extent, we are victims of circumstance. But that’s what we got thrust into, and so that is what we live. It just depends on what we do with our lives.

A funny thought i had is about how we think of life being so fleeting, and temporal. Live and love fully because life is so fleeting, people say. It seems that we are only alive a short time and then we are dead and gone, and nothing that we do really matters, much less no one even knows or remembers what we did. But that’s a big mistake. That’s a thinking error, because everything we do, have done, and are going to do are all part of our “Permanent record”. There is nothing that is forgotten. God has recorded everything, from the time we were little babies. There are no secrets from God, God knows everything we ever did. And so the things we do in this life are not temporary, soon to be forgotten forever. The things we do in this life we will live with forever. Everything we do in our life is part of our permanent record, and we will live with it for Eternity. There is nothing that will be forgotten. Our Eternal Life started the day you were born.


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