Protect, And Serve

27 Sep

September 26, 2016

When police go out and murder innocent citizens, that is not public safety. Outrage is the correct response to murder. How inept can you get, to go out to get a traffic warrant and murder an innocent citizen? That’s worse than a Dirty Harry movie, when he sends them out to arrest a traffic warrant and they come back and tell him they didn’t get the warrant but they murdered an innocent citizen instead. Turn in your badge and your gun, and put your hands behind your back, is more like it. Murdering innocent people is not providing “public safety”. The only difference between people  getting murdered in GAza and people getting murdered in America is they are slightly different color of children.

I had a funny thought about baby Jesus, and how much Heavenly Mother and God loved baby Jesus! Just imagine how much they loved baby Jesus, and that is also how much they love each and every one of us, the same. Because none is less than the others, and so God loves all Her children exactly the same.


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