Quiet Strength

26 Sep

September 25, 2016

The other day i was talking to God about something and She said to me “Was I wrong?” and of course, She is never wrong about anything. God is always right. It wouldn’t be God if it wasn’t Right.

I was reading about some football games and it made me think that a coach cannot blame his team, like a carpenter can’t blame his tools for doing a poor job. The coach has total control of the team, and so the team is only as good as it’s coach. A good coach can take an average team and win a championship. But an average coach can take a championship team and turn them into a 500 team. What does a player do if he plays for an average coach with a 500 percentage? I know, his hopes are diminished a little, but he will work as hard as he can and hope his team wins in spite of the coaching. But even so, most teams are limited by their own coaching. One example i saw of what i consider poor coaching was while watching a middle school girls basketball team playing. One girl was heavier than the other girls, and apparently the coach thought the girl had poor ball handling skills, because you could hear the coach yelling at the poor girl when she was in the game “Whatever you do, don’t dribble!” Well the team was playing and the ball got passed to this girl who was told not to dribble. The coach yelled at her from five feet away ” Don’t dribble!”. Well the girl got surrounded by three players, trying to take the ball away from her since she couldn’t dribble. There was nothing she could do, but then the coach five feet away from her started screaming at her “Dribble the ball! Dribble the  ball!” But of course it was a turnover. It was the coaches fault it was a turnover, not the players fault. Most coaches are average like most players are average. I’ve seen many games won and lost due to coaching.

I was thinking about earthquake predictions and i think it’s very unlikely or impossible for mere humans to predict earthquakes. For example, how could a person predict when a earthquake will happen, where it will happen at, and how strong it will be. I don’t think that’s possible for people to predict, unless people are causing the earthquakes. I also thought about what i mentioned before how some people say things like “Look at me, i’m eating meat – i’m breaking God’s Law and going to hell.” like they think i care. It’s about the same thing as someone saying “LOok at me, i’m breaking the law, i’m going to go to prison.” Well, whatever you want to do, i just hope you enjoy yourself when you get there. Only going to hell is worse than going to prison. Going to hell is being locked up for Eternity. If you want to go there, that’s fine by me. That’s not going to bother me at all.


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