Police FAIL

26 Sep

September 26, 2016

I read about the police in Charlotte who utterly failed at their police duties. First, they did not arrest the wanted person they were looking for, and second, they killed a completely inncent person. Now if a restaurant or a industrial plant had a safety record that bad, there would be an uproar and at least some investigation. But with police killing innocent people, the people just allow the police to investigate themselves. How convenient is that? Don’t worry, every officer in the force will back up your lies and protect you. And even if anything happens, don’t worry. The boys in the internal affairs office are all freemasons, so you will still get away with murder.

Now even Martin LUther King JR, the most peaceful guy on the Earth said that people who don’t respond to peaceful protests make violent protests necessary. This only makes sense. If the police go around killing innocent people and getting away with it, and the police won’t help, and the government won’t help, well, then you can only protect yourself and your family. But the police are critically outnumbered, and if war actually did break out, there would be a lot of dead police. That’s why it’s important that society take care of these issues when they see these protests escalate. If police are going to carry guns and have the right to deadly force, the most dangerous job in the world, then they need to submit to drug tests and wearing cameras at all times. Honest men don’t hide from the cameras. Instead of police investigating themselves, we need to have groups of black people who investigate them. If police refuse to wear cameras, then they should be fired. Or else we need to send riders and observers along to watch the police 24/7. Ride in their car and watch their every move. Because if the police can’t solve their deadly mistakes, then somebody else needs to. Unfortunately politicians are all worthless and not one politician, not even the president is doing anything to help the USA. All the politicians are trashing America. Something needs to be done because if not, civil war is going to break out.

Sorry bro, your lodge brothers and crooked judges and lawyers can’t get you out of this one because they got you on video. But at least they didn’t get you for all those other murders and crimes you committed behind the badge.


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