Die With The Rest

25 Sep

September 24, 2016

I mentioned before that since we know there are errors in the Bible, due to the hand of man, this causes us to not just accept that everything in the Bible is true, but to think about it, and see if it is true. I used to believe that whatever was in the Bible was Holy, and to question it was being blasphemous. But now i know i have to question everything. Even the words that Jesus supposedly said are now cast into a shadow of doubt. So i have to compare what Jesus supposedly said to what i know is His doctrine and teachings, and see if they match up. Also i can compare what Jesus said to what God said and to what Heavenly Mother says in Proverbs and compare them, because i know, they all Three have to agree.

We need to discover the Truth, by any means necessary. To not discover the Truth would be worse than being blasphemous. We need to have understanding, or else we would be lost. Like sheep wandering around, not knowing who we are or where we are going.

This is a long way to try to explain my new understanding i have now about how Jesus said to “turn the other cheek”. This Scripture has always caused a conflict for me because this does not conform to common sense. It does not pass the common sense test. Perhaps i interpret it incorrectly. But to me it would be the same thing as saying if you are traveling along the road and some robbers came upon you and your family. Now if you turn the other cheek, if the robbers assaulted you, supposedly you would not resist. Then you might as well say, Here robbers, take my little twelve year old daughter. And here robbers, take my wife and my baby. Then turn the other cheek and they would annihilate your family.  Like i said, that doesn’t pass the smell test. And if something doesn’t pass the smell test, we usually don’t test it much farther.

Anyway i thought about this often times from time to time, how could Jesus condone all Christians basically committing suicide at the first hint of violence. Now i then realized that Heavenly Mother hates hands that shed innocent blood. Therefore, Heavenly  Mother does not hate hands that shed guilty blood. Therefore, if some robbers attacked your family, you could kill all of them, and it would not be a sin to protect yourself and your family. Now what i think is that Jesus is speaking more figuratively about turning the other cheek. In other words, if someone does something wrong to you, don’t turn around and wrong them back. Jesus is not talking about protecting yourself and your loved ones from murderers and robbers. Also this is confirmed in SCripture When we are told that vengeance is God’s, and if we take vengeance into our own hands, then God will not take vengeance, because we already did. Rather, then we may face our own vengeance from God for doing so.

So if the righteous people would stand up for righteousness then there would be a lot less robbers and such. Standing up for righteousness. As Christians, this is what we live, fight, and die for.


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