Taste The Rainbow

22 Sep

September 21, 2016

Before i mentioned that God’s Covenant He made with all flesh after Noah’s flood is that God would never flood the entire Earth again. Some people take that to mean that the Earth will never again be flooded, ever, because God made a Promise. But what the people are forgetting is that it is not just a Promise, it is a Covenant – a two-way promise. That means if people don’t uphold their end of the covenant, which is to not eat flesh, then God is no longer bound to uphold His end of the bargain either.  And so because of this, the EArth could be flooded again. Whether it will or it won’t, i have no idea. But i do know this, that if there was a certain day that was going to be the end of the world, the Last Day on Earth, then only God will know what day it is.


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