Cow Junkies

21 Sep

September 20, 2016

Now that i only eat plants and vegetables, i no longer want to eat any animal by-products, not even milk or eggs. First of all, it’s not necessary. And second, whatever is in the animals food is in the milk and eggs. If birds eat worms and such, that is what is in those eggs. When i was looking for a job at Oregon employment division i looked into dairy jobs in Tillamook. However, the only dairy jobs they had at that time were people who were qualified to give cows shots of medicine. Now what medicine are they shooting those milk cows up with,  i don’t know. But whatever it is, it is in the milk of those cows. Because milk crosses the blood barrier. Since i don’t know what is in the milk, which i thought was just plain, regular milk, like in the olden school days, i don’t want to drink it, either. Besides it being unnecessary, and now it has also become detestable.

Some people might wonder if they have sinned, and they have tried to stop sinning, but they went back to sinning again – can they still be saved? Is there any hope for people who stop, then go back and sin again? As i mentioned before, as long as we don’t give up on God, God will never give up on us. That’s why we try our hardest, every day. As many times as we fall down, we get up again. God has infinite forgiveness for those who try their hardest and keep trying harder. So we don’t give up on trying.

Before i mentioned it is not a sin to be good to yourself. If it feels good, then God wants you to do it. That’s why He made it feel good. Otherwise, he would have made it feel painful. But as with everything, if it tastes good, or whatever, we don’t abuse anything. If we want to fully enjoy our spouse, it highlights the importance of marriage, and keeping our vows. But it’s not a horrible sin and abomination for being human nature.

I read about satan that he is referred to often times as a bell. I read about this and it made me think about Corinthians 13 where we are told that if we “have not love, we are as a clanging cymbal, or a bell”. That kind of describes satan, being without love, and also compares him to a bell.


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