Final Resting Place

20 Sep

September 19, 2016

Now i understand about how we have a spirit in us that gives us life. It is what gives our body life. Notice a stick of wood does not have a spirit that makes it alive. When we die, it’s not because the spirit of life energy within us dies, we die because our physical body dies. Our heart gives out, or cancer, or however, when the body dies, the spirit within us can no longer live in our body. So our spirit, which can never die, leaves our body.

Where does our spirit go? It goes into the spirit world, of course. We cannot see the spirit world, until we are become spirits. It’s a parallel universe to our physical universe. We can’t see it, but it can see us. And sometimes, some people can be contacted from the spirit world. We access it by prayer, and we live on faith. But when we die we will be in the spirit world, then we will live forever. Some people will live forever in Heaven, and some people will live forever in hell. That is what will become their final “resting place”.


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