The Smell Of Dead Flesh Makes You Puke For A Reason

18 Sep

September 17, 2016

War is illegal, but Americans are so blood thirsty that they go around the world killing hundreds of millions of people and babies and children.

Yes, the coach is right. Hard work is what makes teams win. Hard work and devotion, which are the same thing. Not only that, but believing that you will succeed. Going beyond belief, knowing that you will succeed. It takes hard work to be your best, and if you don’t work your hardest, your opponent will out perform you. Work as hard as we can, and try our hardest. Win, lose or draw, we will be the best that we can be.

I understand now that if God did not want people to be gay, He would have made it impossible. LIkewise, if God did not want people to have oral sex, He would not have made women taste like cherry pies. This is true for all women, no matter what color. If it feels good, then God made it to feel good, and for a purpose. God did not give us good feelings to feel ashamed about and to suffer, but for us to enjoy. God is very good and kind to us.


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