God Does Not Hate Anything He Made

16 Sep

September 15, 2016

If God hated gay people, He would have made it impossible for people to be gay. Period.

I begin to understand about how we are not to judge one another. Not just because none of us are without sin, but because we are all without knowledge. We can’t judge that which we don’t understand. For example, if i declared it my right to go to the federal courthouse and throw out the judge on the Malheur case and appoint my self as the judge, i wouldn’t be able to judge very well at all. Because i don’t know the first thing about the law, or hardly anything else, either. It’s not  a matter of placing ourself in the judges seat, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience and wisdom, things that we don’t have. When it comes to judging other men before God’s eyes, who gives us the right? No one does! We can’t do it because there is so much that we just don’t understand. We don’t have God’s Wisdom, and we cannot replace Him as JUdge. It’s not very wise to pretend that we can, or to try. The REal Judge will remove you from His Judgment Seat and judge you if you do.


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