Don’t Be Weird

15 Sep

September 15, 2016

By her own admission, Hillary stated that she is too brain damaged to be able to handle classified documents. She can’t hardly remember anything. I guess you don’t need a brain to be the POTUS. I guess it doesn’t matter if you mishandle classified material. It’s just a put on. Meanwhile, the whole world is waiting for Snowden or Assange to actually release some real information.


Hillary Couldn’t Answer FBI Questions Due To Brain Injury, Docs Show


A funny thing to talk about when i talk about God is things like going to the restroom. Sometimes i might think of something about God when i’m going to the restroom, and i think to myself it’s not proper, so i try to think about it later. HOwever, i remember in 2013, one of the first conversations God had with me was when She told me that i would not be afraid of soap, and She told me not all bugs are good bugs. This conversation took place while i was in the bathroom, cleaning my toilet. So i can see that God doesn’t care if i go to the bathroom or anything like that. It’s a natural body function. Just like when we see our pet go potty, we don’t say “Oh you disgusting animal”. No, we usually just look away while they are doing their business. Of course God is not going to be disgusted at us for natural bodily functions. That’s the way God made us and it is not dirty or to be ashamed of.

Before i was wondering about what God’s thoughts are on sex and homosexuals and marriage and such. I was beginning to understand that God does not care what people do, as long as no one, humans or animals, are being hurt. Now i am fully confident that God does not care about people’s sex habits. Why? Because it is a natural bodily function that everyone has. It’s the way God made us. God does not peer at us closely when we are going to the bathroom or having sex. God looks the other way while we are taking care of our business. God is not going to make people have bodily functions, then say that the people are dirty because they have those functions. People don’t have the ability to control their sex drive. People cannot just say, OK, from now on i am no longer going to have a sex drive. It’s not possible. It’s natural bodily function that we have no control over. And neither do we have control over whether we prefer men or women. It’s not something we have control over. Neither can you change most people, by trying.  Just like a woman has her period every month. It’s a natural bodily function, it’s not filthy dirty, or something to be ashamed of. It’s the way God made us.

No, God is not going to make man fruitful, and then turn around and condemn man for being fruitful and having sex. As i said, as long as no one is getting hurt. God does not really care what one or more consenting adults do together. Playing pinochle, or whatever they want. The key words being “consenting adults”. Of course we are not animals, so we know better than to have sex with animals or children. Only sickos and freaks would do those things. And we don’t need to worry about God watching us and condemning us for being abominable for being the way God made us. We don’t look at our dogs mating and suddenly hate them and accuse them of being foul, dirty creatures for having sex. No, we don’t watch them usually. God does not watch us, either. God is not a weirdo, like so many people are.


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