Oregon Ranchers

14 Sep

September 14, 2016


Some time back i read a website from a former Freemason, and he made bumperstickers against freemasonry, because after he learned what it was about, he opposed it. One of the signs he made said “A Freemason above all others”. I didn’t know what that meant at the   time. But  now i understand it means that a freemason is a freemason over everything else – over being a judge, over being a policeman, over being a husband, or even a father. A freemason is loyal to the masons over everyone else. But when you consider that masonry is a cover for a criminal organization, you understand why. Because these lodge brothers are murderers, and thieves, and child molesters and animal molesters, and they aren’t going to allow anyone to tell all their dirty secrets. That’s why they all take oaths to protect each other, because if anyone tells, everyone in the lodge will deny it, and later that guy will be found dead. That will be the last time any freemasons dare to squeal. Since they are running a criminal organization they have to keep it undercover. Otherwise, they would get arrested, sent to prison, and their private crime syndicate shut down for racketeering. It’s just like the jews. Once people find out what they are doing, they will hunt them down like animals.



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