The Speed Of Boot

12 Sep

September 11, 2016

Yeah, i really don’t believe in satan anymore. Even if he is real, he doesn’t have any power over me.

I think lying and hatred are not family values, therefore, Freemasonry is not a family value. I don’t understand how people can have secrets from their own spouse. NOt only do they have secrets, they outright lie to their spouse to cover up the secrets. Apparently to the Freemasons, their oath to the masons takes precedence over all other oaths, office, marriage, civic responsibility, all other promises. It’s like when the person becomes a Freemason they swear to break all their other oaths. The lodge is more important to them than their own wife, and their own children. Also i saw the masons sacrificing a goat. Everyone knows that psychopaths start out on animals, so if masons are sacrificing animals then they wouldn’t mind sacrificing humans, and human babies, either.

I mentioned before when working with evil it makes me feel like puking. It must needs be done. Fortunately we only have to go through this once. The other day i asked God if i had lost my mind and She said to me “No, you haven’t lost your mind yet.”

It seems ironic to me because when i lived at the beach  a freemason girl told me that “Family is the most important thing”. Apparently to the freemasons, their families are the least important thing. And here they are trying to preach to me their lies. What a bunch of hypocrites. They are all a bunch of sworn liars, and you can’t believe a single word they say.


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