Stars Shine Brightly

12 Sep

September 12, 2016

One thing i hear often among Christians is the discussion about whether we are saved by works or by faith. Jesus told us Himself in the parable of the Samaritan who helped the injured neighbor in the ditch. If the Samaritan would have just walked by, believing in God only, but not doing anything to help his neighbor, then he is not helping his neighbor. Being saved is not just believing in God, it is an action verb. It means “to do” something.

ONe thing people may mistakenly believe is that their good works in one area will cover up sins in another area of their life. They might think God will let them get away with a sin because they are doing some good works somewhere else. HOwever we are told that our former righteousness cannot save us. It is our daily righteousness that saves us. It’s like the Lord’s Prayer. It is our daily prayer. Not our twice daily or thrice daily prayer, it is our daily prayer. This shows the importance of trying our hardest. If we are trying our hardest to not sin and be righteous and we somehow sin, God will forgive us. God’s forgiveness is seventy times seven. So if we fall down seventy times and get back up and ask forgiveness, God will forgive us. As long as we are trying our hardest. We cannot lie to God. If we are not trying our hardest to stop sinning, then we have no “remission”. Then it could be said then neither do we have repentance. So we can see if we are trying our hardest to do our best, then we really don’t have anything to worry about.

I mentioned about family values and such, and i decided i want to make my blog have more family values. So i will try to make my blog more family friendly. It’s good to leave yourself room for improvement. So not only will i report on bad news, but i will report on good news too. Before i mentioned, Who will help some kids? Well, Lebron James held up his hand, and he is going to help some kids! Lebron gets the Superstar Award today! He’s paying over $40 million to the kids!



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