Hollow Victory

9 Sep

September 9, 2016

Kind of like digging through the cereal package to find the toy surprise, and finding out it is a dead animal, or something like that.

I thought about how in the future people will have a chip and it will contain all the personal information about that person. I do mean everything. It will have name, ssn, phone numbers, account numbers of banks, every account, all the passwords, every friend, and every friends phone number, family also, including children, every email account, including passwords, and have every single bit of information about the person. NOt only will it contain all their personal information, the chip will also allow people to listen at any time through a hidden microphone, and it even includes a spy camera. Yes, it’s very amazing. People won’t have to be injected with the chip, they will carry it around in their shirt pockets and such, voluntarily. This will be handy for the police state government because they can quickly identify and locate any target, anywhere in the world, and instantly have access to all their personal history including medical history. With built in GPS, these spy chips will secretly report everybody’s activity to the government. This will help the government make sure everyone gets their shots properly and allow removal of threats to the government, real or perceived.


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