The Spiritual Temple Inside You

8 Sep

September 7, 2016

For an example, i thought of a prostitute having sex for money. Is that a sin? What about the prostitute who is taking a chance of catching a disease? If someone knowingly has disease, that’s a whole nother story. But it’s dangerous to skydive. Is it therefore a sin to skydive? I don’t think so. Mostly i imagine people will bring up the Scripture that says our body is a temple of God, and whoever destroys the temple, him God will destroy. I thought the prostitute is risking her own body, which is the common misunderstanding, that we shouldn’t injure the body, this being the temple of God. HOwever, this misconception is more accurately described as our body is housing within it, the temple of God. And if we destroy our temple of God, our inner conscience, within ourselves, such as by inbreeding, then we are no longer able to have a temple of God within us. This is what means destroy the temple of God, not by getting a tattoo or broken knuckles or piercings. This is an inner damage to the body, to the actual temple of God within us, our conscience, genetic damage, without which those people are more or less animals. Such as brute beasts, made only for destruction.

According to this idea we wouldn’t want to take strong medications like LSD or heavy psychedelic mind altering drugs, or any kind of medicine that could cause us to lose our consciousness like that. If people lose their consciousness like that then the idea of God would be a foreign idea to them. They couldn’t understand it. It would be the same like us who know God trying to believe in Santa Claus. But i guess if you did take some heavy trips and didn’t fry your brain, then you would be alright. But it’s a risk to do such things. People do go skydiving, but they usually wear a helmet.


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