Seeking Clarity

8 Sep

September 7, 2016

Lately i have been thinking more and more about what constitutes sin under God’s Law. As Heavenly Mother told me as long as nobody get’s hurt then no one is breaking any of God’s Laws. God definitely told us that killing people or animals will definitely cost our lives. He said He will take man’s life for shedding blood. But God never said that He will destroy men for having sex. The more i think about it, the less i think that having sex is a sin punishable by death. I can understand murder and hatred and abuse being cause for Death, but not sex. I can’t imagine God punishing anyone to death simply because they didn’t have a marriage certificate or something like that. I still keep wondering about it to try and understand better. The more i keep wondering, the more i keep thinking it’s not a horrible sin, punishable by death. According to Jesus’ teachings, if we keep the two greatest commandments to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love God with all our heart and power, then this is all the Law and the prophets, and we will be saved. So, according to this statement by Jesus, then all who love God and their neighbors will be saved. So this includes everybody – gay, bi, straight, divorced, married, unmarried, single, dating, celibate, and everyone else too. It doesn’t leave anyone out.


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