Honey I Screwed The Goat

8 Sep

September 8, 2016

Can you imagine the Freakmason trying to explain to his wife why he had sex with a goat. “Don’t you understand hunny, you were too filthy! I did it for us, that goat didn’t mean anything to me, i was just in it for the sex. Don’t you see, it’s the great plan of the great architect of the universe for me to go and screw goats!” These freaks are way too freaky, and they better stay away from me. I will do more than cut their throat from ear to ear, i will take their head clean off. These freaks are going to wish they had never seen me.

Now i begin to see why they try to shut me up so hard. Here you have Law enforcement officers cough cough (coughing fit) committing felony animal abuse, felony sex abuse, felony obstruction, not to mention satanic rituals, sacrifices, murders, child sex, human trafficking, prostitution, drugs, everything evil. The freakmasons are in it for their own selves and they turn even on their own wives and children. How fu*&)* disgusting can you get? These freaks are the most evilest people in the whole world. No wonder they have so many secrets, and so many getaways where they leave their wives and children at home. Why? Because when they are out there having sex orgies and satanic rituals they are screwing goats and animals and children and prostitutes and each other, sacrificing and killing small animals, the wives and children get in the way. Besides, the wives are way too unclean for the freakmason, that’s why he has so many goats in his yard. He prefers goat meat now. Once you go goat, you never go back. Besides, in the freakmasons own talmud, a donkey smells better than his dirty ho.


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