The All Seeing Eye Smells Like Ass

6 Sep

September 6, 2016

I don’t believe in satan anymore. If he does exist he’s some punk and a cowardly puss who hurts children. He better hope he never sees me.

Now i know why the freemasons hate me so much and want to shut me up. Now we see they cheated on their wife with a goat. They will never admit to the Truth, because they are all sworn liars, and they will protect each other even before they will protect their wives or children. They all took oaths to scratch each others eyes out and pull each others hair out and give each other titty twisters if they ever tell their dirty secrets. It’s too bad i’m the one to have to tell their wives. Somebody needs to tell the Truth. They hate me because i told the Truth, but it’s not my fault they did those things and lied about it. Should’nt have been doing those things. The wives may not want to believe me, but their husbands won’t tell the Truth. Why don’t you separate them and ask them why they have a goat in their rituals, and see how many different stories they tell. You can read it for yourself in the Talmud. It’s too bad, if they would have left me alone in the first place, i never would have found out myself. If you can’t believe your husband, who can you believe? I don’t care if the freemasons get mad. What are they going to do, follow me around and harass me for four years? That’s fine by me. I’m ready to go to Heaven. Are you ready to go to Hell?



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