Self-Destruction Is Counter Productive

6 Sep

September 5, 2016

According to the Talmud, the religion of the jews, a donkey is more cleaner to have sex with than their own wife. Now anyone who thinks this leaves no doubt in anyones mind that there is something seriously wrong with these “people”, if you can even call them “people”. Either that, or there is something seriously wrong with their wives.

Babylonian Talmud Vol09-063: Penalties for intercourse with menstruating wives: female children. Those rabbis who abstain during this “period of filth” are apparently rewarded with male children.

Page v of Volume IX of the Babylonian Talmud covers their secret oaths involving goats and explains how the children of Israel should separate themselves from menstruating women. The goat is a central theme to the secret initiation rituals of Jewish Freemasons. Their wives aren’t supposed to know about the “sacrifices” of these goats, so they pump out books to keep their women in the dark:

I thought about people who eat meat, and when they go to Judgment, it will be just like the test where you have to read the directions first, before you take the test. If you don’t read the directions, you will fail, because you are failing to keep the first commandment God gave us of what Not to do. It’s like the DMP, the dead mouse principle. Failing to prepare is failing to succeed. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is weakness. Oh, and by the way, the fatima worshipers are widely deceived. Where ever did they get the idea that God’s Name is Fatima? It’s not. This is another example of the devil setting up opposition to confuse and divide people and set them against one another.


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