Proof That God Exists!

6 Sep

September 5 2016

When ever i see a beautiful woman, it makes me know there is God. That is the only way something so beautiful as a woman can be made. If women evolved from a slime pit they would probably be real butt ugly, and humans would have went extinct a long time ago. There’s no way  you can look at a beautiful woman and tell me you believe she evolved from an ape. If you believe that, then you must have an ape fetish. That’s the only thing i can think of.

I hear often about the so called “unforgiveable sin”. God’s plan of salvation is repentance and remittance, so there does not appear to be any sin that is unforgiveable. The only way a sin would be unforgiveable is if we die without it being forgiven, beforehand.

I thought about helping people and what i am doing is giving people a million dollars, in essence. Actually a lot more. More than a hundred million dollars worth. I am not really giving it to them, i am telling them they are eligible for it, and the necessary steps how to claim their inheritance. Some people may get angry at my offer of help, but i just look at them curiously, like, what is wrong with them? I am not telling them because i hate them. Perhaps people just don’t understand, yet. But either way i don’t get angry or feel sad, i more likely feel it’s because i did a bad job of explaining it. At least partially. But either way, i don’t understand why someone would turn down God’s free offer of Eternal life. Maybe they are deceived, maybe they just don’t understand yet, or maybe it’s like i said, that some people just don’t have a conscience and they are filled with hate, and that’s all they do. But i have to tell people how to qualify, because if i don’t then i am not helping them. If i didn’t tell them, i would be as evil as satan, if there even is such a thing named satan.


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