Haters Are The Only Worthless People

6 Sep

September 5, 2016

I was thinking about people and i realize that people fascinate me. People are fascinating. They are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Even identical twins are not exactly the same, because i can see that here is one, and here is the other one, they are two different ones, they are not exactly the same. It’s very interesting.

I read about some people denigrating black people and other people of color, sometimes by saying things that they have not contributed anything worthwhile to society and such. Well this may be true, but the facts stand for themselves. Even so, that is flawed logic, trying to give people “human worth” based on something like inventing banking, or something like that. By using this same logic, we could apply it to you, and say that you personally have not contributed anything worthwhile to society, therefore you are worthless as a human being. As i said, this is flawed logic.

But even so, people also say this about black people, that they have not contributed to society. These people are blind, deaf, dumb and ignorant. You cannot hear any music that is not influenced by black folks, you cannot see any tv sports or entertainment shows that don’t have any blacks. There are many ways that blacks have influenced American society, in fact, they have influenced it more than any other culture. Using flawed logic we always achieve flawed results. In order to understand things we have to use our good sense that God gave us. Otherwise, we could never understand. We see black people in movies, sports and music every day. Why? Because they got talent. If you had any talent, then you’d be on tv too.


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