War Is A Crime

4 Sep

September 3, 2016

I’m sure there are some good hearted people who actually believe in what they are doing, but i’m just as sure there are other people out to mislead as many people as they can. It becomes a battle of people telling lies vs people telling the Truth. But i thought to my self that no one has ever preemptively solved anything at all by using ‘gematria’. I can’t imagine what that must do to your mind, sitting around all day thinking of numbers, and trying to discern meaning from numbers. Neither did anybody solve any crimes by studying cartoons. These just seem like a waste of time to me, and distracts people from using their common sense and logic. Not going to figure anything out if you sit and keep putting different numbers in your calculator. YOu’re just going to get confused.

Assaulting people is a crime. War is a crime. When God destroys all the people, He will destroy all evil. Because the world is filled with violence through them. Without people there won’t be any evil in the world at all. Even animals won’t get inbred, without people around.


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