Average Joe

4 Sep

September 4, 2016

I have been thinking about education and about the average intelligence of people. It seems to me that Americans allow the government to teach their kids, to feed their kids, and to take medical care of their kids. People must really trust the government to put the entire care of their children into the governments hands. i don’t think that one education fits all kids. Some kids don’t need to learn advanced math, so why force them to learn? That’s foolish. Why even give kids grades? Just give them the curriculum and tell them to do the best they can, and they will. But people give the government the kids and the government then makes laws about what the kids will learn. That seems foolish to me. That’s not what government is for – to govern  our children around.

In the 90’s when i helped my daughter with her homework, it seemed to me that they are giving the kids harder math and studies than when i was a kid. In my high school, i think you only had to have one year of general math. And it was general. There was no algebra or geometry much at all. My daughters struggled with the math, and my daughters are above average intelligence. So i can imagine how difficult it must be for average and below average kids, and how pointless it is to force kids to learn useless information! Why? This is just one of the problems from allowing the government to govern the children. Hands off!

Me, i have lived and worked with and gone to school with some of the brightest people. I went to electronics schools, nuclear power schools, advanced cryptography schools and was trained and worked in these fields. I lived with my classmates and worked with them and i had a lot in common with the people i went to school with. We were all intelligent people, ham radio operators and such, and to a man, i think they were all decent human beings. No one was ripping each other off in their own barracks, no one was harassing anyone else, everyone got along. Also in my career i have worked with the dumbest people around. I grew up around loggers, and next to construction workers, loggers are the dumbest of all the people i worked with. You don’t have to be smart to be a logger, in fact, the bigger and dumber you are, the better a logger you will be. The same way with construction workers. I also worked in a number of new construction job sites doing electrical wiring, and i have to say those construction workers were the dumbest of all. The first day on one site my supervisor told me that some of the other construction workers had stolen our bosses dewalt batteries out of the charger and replaced them with old worn out ones. You can’t leave any tools around because the construction workers will rip you off as soon as you turn your back. It’s a lot different working around scientists and technicians than it is a bunch of drunken criminals. I also worked at a gas station, where i also worked with the lowest of all people. Some of my co workers there lived in the bushes and ate food out of the dumpster. I am not kidding. They would come to the station dirty and filthy and stinking to high heaven. These were no high climbers, that’s for sure. For most people who work at gas stations, that’s the best job they can ever get. But even so, those dirty people were Freemasons, if you can believe it.

In fact, i noticed how the Freemasons are the stupidest of all the people. They have no teeth, all rotted out, they are complete dirtbags, thieves, druggies, drunks, and yet, they are partners with the sheriff’s deputy in the Freemasons. I worked with one crackhead who was friends with the deputy, and the crackhead was always high at work. He would talk a hundred miles an hour in the morning and by afternoon he could hardly stay awake. But that’s what the Freemasons do, they use these uneducated dummies to do their dirty work. They say Ok, if you can hammer or saw then you can work in construction. But if you are too drunk to come to work and not smart enough for construction, then you can mow my lawn, boy. The Freemasons keep these dirtbags around just to do their dirty work for them. Without the Freemasons, many of these inept criminals would be without jobs and in jail.

That’s the big difference i see between myself and the Freemasons – about a hundred IQ points. I have worked around bright people and fools, and i know the difference. Such as some old pot bellied farmer who thinks he is better than everyone else and his stuff don’t stink. Why does he think he is so good? Because he knows how to grow grass. Yep, he’s so great and brilliant of a person that he just sits on his fat ass and the grass grows. That really separates him from others. These people feel they are better than everyone else, but they are not better, they are deluded. I am more intelligent than the average folks, but i am not saying i am better, i am different. I am not like them.

I see the same thing being the difference between Christians and Freemasons – at least fifty IQ points. Like i said, living and working with intelligent folks is a lot different than working around criminal dumbasses. The difference is so noticeable it’s like night and day. In fact, i don’t even consider myself smarter than anyone else, i consider myself “average”. So if you are not as smart as me then i consider you  below average. In other words, you are most likely not to succeed.



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