I Remember

3 Sep

September 3, 2016

Why do people even believe such things are possible when they believe that overnight the economy will “crash” and money will become worthless. That’s not even possible. The economy can’t collapse. All you have to do is print more money so that everyone has enough. The problem is really that people could attack the banking system and zero it out. That would be an attack by an enemy. We all know that any enemy that attacks America is going to get put down. What i think the real problem is, is when the rich have everything, they no longer need the people. At that point, the people no longer are an asset and become a liability.

Well apparently there never was a gay soccer player on the doomed flight that got up and said “Let’s roll!” and then they stormed the cabin. I can’t believe that anyway. Most people are just going to sit in their  chairs and whimper if that happened. Whine because they didn’t get any more drinks. But even though those were fake heroes, there are real heroes around us everyday. They aren’t flying around in brightly colored costumes, they are walking among us. We don’t always recognize them for heroes until tragedy happens. So in that way, here in America we live in a country of heroes, just waiting for our chance to step up.


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