You Will Know Them By Their Behavior

2 Sep

September 1, 2016

In one of the Gospels i read, it was mentioned by Jesus, i think, that in the end days there would be many people who were not people, but i think it was Jesus who said that they were animals masquerading as people. When i read that, i couldn’t understand it. But now i believe it could be True. In fact, i believe it is True.

I thought about how Heavenly Mother has somewhat kind of mentioned to me that God doesn’t really care what people do as long as nobody gets hurt. This sounds like the satanist worshipers only commandment, which is ‘do what thou wilt’. It’s kind of like they hijacked God’s Law, and changed it. Because God’s Law is basically Do what thou wilt, as long as nobody gets hurt. And i do mean Nobody. That’s the basic difference between God and Satan. God doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. While Satan not only wants to kill you in this world and destroy your loved ones, he also wants you to fry in hell for Eternity after he destroys you. God’s calling all Her children. Those who don’t hear God are going to get left behind.


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