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A Giant Bird

29 Sep

September 28, 2016

It seems like humans are kind of like caterpillars. First we are in the human stage, then after that, we can graduate into the butterfly stage. But it seems that most angel pictures show angels have wings like birds, so i think technically then, angels would be birds. When Jesus appeared to the disciples after He rose from the grave, no one mentioned that He had angel wings, or looked like an angel. He seemed to look the same. I just don’t know.

God’s Baby Pictures

29 Sep

September 28, 2016

I’ll sure be glad when i can go to Heaven, finally. But i have to get my chores done first.

I watched a video about the college sports. They have a lot of nice young folks there. I think that anybody who wants to send them to war for bankers to profit should be arrested and prosecuted. Sometimes i think it takes more courage not to go to war, than it does to follow the herd and go to war like everyone else. Like Muhammad Ali, he said he didn’t care what they did to him, he would not go. It took courage for him to refuse. That’s the funny thing about life. We get put into life under whatever circumstances we find ourself in. We have to live in a world that other people created. To that extent, we are victims of circumstance. But that’s what we got thrust into, and so that is what we live. It just depends on what we do with our lives.

A funny thought i had is about how we think of life being so fleeting, and temporal. Live and love fully because life is so fleeting, people say. It seems that we are only alive a short time and then we are dead and gone, and nothing that we do really matters, much less no one even knows or remembers what we did. But that’s a big mistake. That’s a thinking error, because everything we do, have done, and are going to do are all part of our “Permanent record”. There is nothing that is forgotten. God has recorded everything, from the time we were little babies. There are no secrets from God, God knows everything we ever did. And so the things we do in this life are not temporary, soon to be forgotten forever. The things we do in this life we will live with forever. Everything we do in our life is part of our permanent record, and we will live with it for Eternity. There is nothing that will be forgotten. Our Eternal Life started the day you were born.

Protect, And Serve

27 Sep

September 26, 2016

When police go out and murder innocent citizens, that is not public safety. Outrage is the correct response to murder. How inept can you get, to go out to get a traffic warrant and murder an innocent citizen? That’s worse than a Dirty Harry movie, when he sends them out to arrest a traffic warrant and they come back and tell him they didn’t get the warrant but they murdered an innocent citizen instead. Turn in your badge and your gun, and put your hands behind your back, is more like it. Murdering innocent people is not providing “public safety”. The only difference between people  getting murdered in GAza and people getting murdered in America is they are slightly different color of children.

I had a funny thought about baby Jesus, and how much Heavenly Mother and God loved baby Jesus! Just imagine how much they loved baby Jesus, and that is also how much they love each and every one of us, the same. Because none is less than the others, and so God loves all Her children exactly the same.

Police FAIL

26 Sep

September 26, 2016

I read about the police in Charlotte who utterly failed at their police duties. First, they did not arrest the wanted person they were looking for, and second, they killed a completely inncent person. Now if a restaurant or a industrial plant had a safety record that bad, there would be an uproar and at least some investigation. But with police killing innocent people, the people just allow the police to investigate themselves. How convenient is that? Don’t worry, every officer in the force will back up your lies and protect you. And even if anything happens, don’t worry. The boys in the internal affairs office are all freemasons, so you will still get away with murder.

Now even Martin LUther King JR, the most peaceful guy on the Earth said that people who don’t respond to peaceful protests make violent protests necessary. This only makes sense. If the police go around killing innocent people and getting away with it, and the police won’t help, and the government won’t help, well, then you can only protect yourself and your family. But the police are critically outnumbered, and if war actually did break out, there would be a lot of dead police. That’s why it’s important that society take care of these issues when they see these protests escalate. If police are going to carry guns and have the right to deadly force, the most dangerous job in the world, then they need to submit to drug tests and wearing cameras at all times. Honest men don’t hide from the cameras. Instead of police investigating themselves, we need to have groups of black people who investigate them. If police refuse to wear cameras, then they should be fired. Or else we need to send riders and observers along to watch the police 24/7. Ride in their car and watch their every move. Because if the police can’t solve their deadly mistakes, then somebody else needs to. Unfortunately politicians are all worthless and not one politician, not even the president is doing anything to help the USA. All the politicians are trashing America. Something needs to be done because if not, civil war is going to break out.

Sorry bro, your lodge brothers and crooked judges and lawyers can’t get you out of this one because they got you on video. But at least they didn’t get you for all those other murders and crimes you committed behind the badge.

Quiet Strength

26 Sep

September 25, 2016

The other day i was talking to God about something and She said to me “Was I wrong?” and of course, She is never wrong about anything. God is always right. It wouldn’t be God if it wasn’t Right.

I was reading about some football games and it made me think that a coach cannot blame his team, like a carpenter can’t blame his tools for doing a poor job. The coach has total control of the team, and so the team is only as good as it’s coach. A good coach can take an average team and win a championship. But an average coach can take a championship team and turn them into a 500 team. What does a player do if he plays for an average coach with a 500 percentage? I know, his hopes are diminished a little, but he will work as hard as he can and hope his team wins in spite of the coaching. But even so, most teams are limited by their own coaching. One example i saw of what i consider poor coaching was while watching a middle school girls basketball team playing. One girl was heavier than the other girls, and apparently the coach thought the girl had poor ball handling skills, because you could hear the coach yelling at the poor girl when she was in the game “Whatever you do, don’t dribble!” Well the team was playing and the ball got passed to this girl who was told not to dribble. The coach yelled at her from five feet away ” Don’t dribble!”. Well the girl got surrounded by three players, trying to take the ball away from her since she couldn’t dribble. There was nothing she could do, but then the coach five feet away from her started screaming at her “Dribble the ball! Dribble the  ball!” But of course it was a turnover. It was the coaches fault it was a turnover, not the players fault. Most coaches are average like most players are average. I’ve seen many games won and lost due to coaching.

I was thinking about earthquake predictions and i think it’s very unlikely or impossible for mere humans to predict earthquakes. For example, how could a person predict when a earthquake will happen, where it will happen at, and how strong it will be. I don’t think that’s possible for people to predict, unless people are causing the earthquakes. I also thought about what i mentioned before how some people say things like “Look at me, i’m eating meat – i’m breaking God’s Law and going to hell.” like they think i care. It’s about the same thing as someone saying “LOok at me, i’m breaking the law, i’m going to go to prison.” Well, whatever you want to do, i just hope you enjoy yourself when you get there. Only going to hell is worse than going to prison. Going to hell is being locked up for Eternity. If you want to go there, that’s fine by me. That’s not going to bother me at all.

Die With The Rest

25 Sep

September 24, 2016

I mentioned before that since we know there are errors in the Bible, due to the hand of man, this causes us to not just accept that everything in the Bible is true, but to think about it, and see if it is true. I used to believe that whatever was in the Bible was Holy, and to question it was being blasphemous. But now i know i have to question everything. Even the words that Jesus supposedly said are now cast into a shadow of doubt. So i have to compare what Jesus supposedly said to what i know is His doctrine and teachings, and see if they match up. Also i can compare what Jesus said to what God said and to what Heavenly Mother says in Proverbs and compare them, because i know, they all Three have to agree.

We need to discover the Truth, by any means necessary. To not discover the Truth would be worse than being blasphemous. We need to have understanding, or else we would be lost. Like sheep wandering around, not knowing who we are or where we are going.

This is a long way to try to explain my new understanding i have now about how Jesus said to “turn the other cheek”. This Scripture has always caused a conflict for me because this does not conform to common sense. It does not pass the common sense test. Perhaps i interpret it incorrectly. But to me it would be the same thing as saying if you are traveling along the road and some robbers came upon you and your family. Now if you turn the other cheek, if the robbers assaulted you, supposedly you would not resist. Then you might as well say, Here robbers, take my little twelve year old daughter. And here robbers, take my wife and my baby. Then turn the other cheek and they would annihilate your family.  Like i said, that doesn’t pass the smell test. And if something doesn’t pass the smell test, we usually don’t test it much farther.

Anyway i thought about this often times from time to time, how could Jesus condone all Christians basically committing suicide at the first hint of violence. Now i then realized that Heavenly Mother hates hands that shed innocent blood. Therefore, Heavenly  Mother does not hate hands that shed guilty blood. Therefore, if some robbers attacked your family, you could kill all of them, and it would not be a sin to protect yourself and your family. Now what i think is that Jesus is speaking more figuratively about turning the other cheek. In other words, if someone does something wrong to you, don’t turn around and wrong them back. Jesus is not talking about protecting yourself and your loved ones from murderers and robbers. Also this is confirmed in SCripture When we are told that vengeance is God’s, and if we take vengeance into our own hands, then God will not take vengeance, because we already did. Rather, then we may face our own vengeance from God for doing so.

So if the righteous people would stand up for righteousness then there would be a lot less robbers and such. Standing up for righteousness. As Christians, this is what we live, fight, and die for.

Time Splicing

23 Sep

September 22, 2016

Now i see that liars hate the truth, but honest people love the truth. It’s kind of like listening to little babies after they got spanked. Don’t like getting scolded, little baby? Call 1-800-WAHH.

Trump lying

Hillary lying