Message To Parents

31 Aug

August 30, 2016

Note to parents : It’s not normal for a vaccine to turn your child into a vegetable. If the side effects of an ingredient are harmful, then it is not medicine, it is poison. Toxic. If the side effects include injury or death to the body, then they are telling you they are giving you non-lethal doses of poison. Don’t inject harmful toxic poisons into your bodies or your children’s bodies. Don’t be foolish. They don’t even know how it will affect your kids in ten minutes, let alone how it will affect them ten years from now. If you ask them they will tell you that they will look at your kids in ten years, then they will tell you what it will do. That is not “medicine”. Injecting poison into people doesn’t make them get better, it makes them get worse. It’s very sad to see Americans sit by idly and watch as people maim and kill American babies and children, and no one will even do anything about it. When American babies aren’t even safe in their own homes, in their own homeland, what does that tell you? I don’t believe there ever will be a revolution against the evil. I think they will just turn every one into cattle with the flu vaccines and then herd everyone into the boxcars with cattle prods. Either that or they’ll spike the food supply with even more junk. But i’m sure they will use a lot of vaccines and poisons such as encephalitis causing poisons and soften up their opponents, right before they take them down. In fact, i think that’s why no one is doing anything, even though they have been exposed. Everyone appears to be brain dead. They sit by and watch children get maimed. Great heroes, those folks.


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