Long Distance Dedication Received. Signed, Sergio

31 Aug

August 30, 2016

I was thinking about what Jesus has told us about people who don’t go to Heaven. Jesus told us about the rich man and Lazarus, and the rich man was in “torment”. The rich man was thirsty. Apparently there’s nothing to drink in hell.But we don’t know exactly what the torment is. Also, in the encounter with the evil spirits that Jesus cast out of the people, the demons were very afraid,and asked Jesus if He was going to send them to “torment” before the time. So apparently there is torment associated with hell, but so far, i can’t remember Jesus ever mentioning everlasting fire. Except in Revelation. That’s another reason i don’t think revelation is true, because Jesus’ stories don’t match up. In revelation, Jesus is supposedly talking about things He never mentioned  before, in any of the Gospels. Jesus also told us that in His Father’s House, there are “many mansions”. Jesus went on to say if it were not so, He would have told us. And i firmly believe this.

Earlier i spoke about inbreds losing their genetic ability to have a conscience. These people may still have souls, or something like it, as they are still able to be possessed by spirits. And they would be likely candidates to be possessed by unclean spirits, because without a conscience, they are not considered “human”, to God. By understanding this, we can more easily understand how these creatures can do such evil things. And we can try to imagine the magnitude of their evil, which we couldn’t possibly understand. These creatures could be described as “living demons”, since all they do is evil, and their evil has no limitations. Think of the movie Saw, and you might have some idea what these people might be like. Sneaking around and injuring children by stabbing them in the back, this is worse behavior than psychotic or social disorder behavior. It’s pure evil.

These enemies of God want to have war with their enemies. The way they have war is they pretend like they are your friend, then they stab your children in the back. However, when we have war, we confront them directly in their face. Not sneaking around in the dark, sneaking up behind  their backs like cowards, shooting them from 2,500 miles away. No, we have war face to face, like real men do. i thought about this so called great architect of the universe. Look at what a mess this place is ! What kind of architect would make some sh&%^hole like the place this is? This architect must be a real piece of sh(&. He can’t build anything straight, everything rots in just a few years, or rusts out. Nothing lasts. You can’t even make a tool that will last 100 years without breaking down and having to be rebuilt. But the human body will last 100 years, all original equipment. But this loser of an architect, he’s the one who made this stinking rotten, disease ridden place full of dead people and dead animals and excrement and waste and pollution. And he polluted the minds of the people themselves, and turned the people into a bunch of rotten people who are no good for nothing. What a rotten piece of sh(&) this “great architect” must be. We can see by his “handiwork” that he does really sh(_((y work. My idea for the great architect is the same as my match i have for NASA – My boot and Uranus. Some great architect, come on. For those who actually go to Heaven, they will see what a Great Architect really is.

Now i go on and on about vaccine dangers. If people don’t care about their own children, no one else is going to care about them either. Every day more kids get injected with poisons, and they call it “medicine”. But at best it is quack medicine. It’s not even based on scientific fact. If it was, the program would be shut down. It’s obvious quackery and it makes it obvious that doctors are not caring for their patients at all. They are caring for their dear friend Mr. Greenbacks. It’s total bs and for those who are not in the dark it is very obvious. Once uncovered by the light, we are like Al Bundy, we’ll never forget what we saw! You can’t cover it back up again once it’s been displayed. It can no longer remain hidden in plain view. But what astounds me is that people accept vaccine injuries as “normal”. I saw a video of one mother who said that it was “normal” for her baby to get autism because it’s a “normal side effect”. It’s never normal for any healthy kids to get brain damaged or killed by “medicine”. That’s not normal at all. If medicine is that dangerous it should be banned. If a restaurant had as bad a safety record as the vaccination people, the food safety people would rush in and close that restaurant within days, if people got ill. But with vaccinations, little babies get brain dead, and no one cares. They just tell people that it is “normal”. I guess that’s their way of telling the people “it sucks to be your kids”. Who cares about babies getting vaccine damage? ONly the parents, AFTER it happens. And a few others who keep warning the people, BEFORE it happens.

IN this rotten stinking world when we realize we are not living for this world, we are actually living here for the next world, it changes our perspective. We see how everything is temporary in this world. Nothing last. Everything is rotten and smells like sh(&. We begin to realize that the wealth and so called riches of this world are for nothing more than for us to subsist on while we are here, preparing for the next world. Obviously we can see all these things are temporary riches, money comes and goes, when we die we lose everything. So obviously there is no point in hoarding the riches of this world when we know these things prior. We realize we are not here to try to gather temporary riches in this world, but we are here to try and gather Eternal Riches, for the next world. The food and sustenance here is only for us to live on while we are here, and nothing more. In that way, we can see it becomes “fools gold” to people who seek riches in this world.They think they are getting rich, but of course, when they die they lose everything. Since they don’t have any Heavenly Riches saved up, they literally have nothing.  That’s why they call it “fools gold”.  These people spent all their life chasing it, and then they lose it all in the end anyway. It seems in that way they lost their money and their lives. Wasted, all for nothing. I guess sometimes people settle for temporary satisfaction, instead of waiting for Eternal satisfaction.


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