Going For My Masters In BS Technologies

31 Aug

August 31, 2016

I learned a lot of information in the past four years. I learned a lot of disturbing and shocking things about things people are doing to other people. One of the most appalling things i’ve seen is watching people do nothing. We see them watching others commit crimes against humanity, even against their own children, and they watch them do it. Without these people’s inaction, the criminals could not commit their crimes.

i mentioned that we are not living for this world, we are living for the next world. People who fail to recognize that will not make it to the next world, because they won’t do the necessary things to prepare themselves. They won’t advance. People who live for this world only. We can see at the end of this life is Death. We don’t live for death, we live for what is beyond death. But people who live for this world only live for death. That is their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. A grave. They think they will just do whatever they want with their life, then go lay down and die and that will be the end of everything for them. They will just rest. But that is wrong. They are not going to just lay around ‘resting’. They are going to pay for everything they did in this world. And i do mean everything.

We all know that in this world nothing lasts forever and everything dies. Show me a World where everything lasts forever, and nothing dies, and i will show you a Great Architect.


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