Six Feet Of Eternity

30 Aug

August 30, 2016

Lately i started wondering if hell for some people is not everlasting fire, but if they might spend Eternity in a coffin. Because i know God is pure Good, and has no evil whatsoever, this idea of putting evil sinners into a box and putting them away fits the description of God better. It is just like on Earth. When people commit sins and break the laws, when they go to court they don’t start punching you and whipping you or burning you. No, they just lock you up, so that you can’t hurt anyone else, anymore. Ever again. Forever and ever. Isn’t that wonderful! God doesn’t actually hurt anyone, he just puts them away so they can’t hurt any animals or people anymore.

I have been thinking about Jesus’ words other than what He supposedly said in ‘revelation’. Off the top of my head i cannot recall where Jesus said that people are going to suffer hell fire. He said it was better if they had not been born, better to have a millstone on their neck and go in the ocean, but i don’t recall Jesus ever saying anything about hell fire. I will have to read His words again. Men have said a lot about hell fire. Jude, the brother of Jesus says that the ‘blackest of black’ awaits those sinners. Like the inside of a coffin, where no one can see or hear them, ever again. Put away, never to get let out. For some ol’ boy with claustrophobia, that wouldn’t be a very fun way to spend Eternity.


13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own
shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the
blackness of darkness for ever.


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