Hitler Starts WW3!

30 Aug

August 29, 2016

I mentioned before about people who want to get “paid” to do God’s work. To me, that is contrary. I could never accept pay for doing the work of God, or being a servant of God. Jesus told us that the scribes and pharisees with the broad phylacteries who show off for men already have their reward. They have no Heavenly reward, because they choose their reward here on Earth. That is their reward. That’s also why i prefer to remain anonymous when reporting a lot of crimes. There is no need to know my name, in most instances. If people tried to pay me for being a servant of God, i could never accept it. I could accept small gifts of food or something. But if i accept pay from men, that will be my reward. No, my Reward is in Heaven. God gives me my recognition. There is no need to know my name, and there is no need to thank me for doing what is right. No, if people wanted to give me money i could never accept it. I would ask them to give it to a children’s foundation, one that is run by children.

I was thinking about men selling their souls for earthly rewards. That’s very short sighted. I thought about Judas, who betrayed Jesus. After he ate the morsel, the devil entered him. When Judas realized he had betrayed Jesus, and sold his soul for thirty cents, he went and hanged himself. Probably all the evil people were laughing at him for spending eternity suffering for thirty cents. Judas probably wished he would have asked for more.

I would gladly suffer any abuse in order to help children who desperately need help. In fact, my life is easy, it is those children who suffer, not me. I would endure any hardship for as long as i can to help people who need help. It’s not very often a person gets an opportunity to do something like that. I tell people it is a matter of believe it, or die. I don’t care if people get mad. We’re talking about your spiritual soul burning forever in hell. I don’t )((*_)* care if you get mad. i thought about the Freemasons who got angry and hate me. I do not care. Some people are hard to reach, and you have to yell at them. Such as the freemasons, who got burned by their own organizations! Stabbed in the back! No one told those Freemasons the truth about heliocentricity or NASA or the truth about anything. The Freemasons got burned by their own organizations, it was me that had to point out the Truth to them, because their own higher ups have other plans for those goyims. Involving spending Eternity in a black six foot box. But yet, even though, the Freemasons still got angry with me, even though i helped them more than their own “brothers”. If that’s how they are, that’s alright by me.


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