If They Want War . . .

28 Aug

August 28, 2016

I feel kind of like the jews must feel.  Because i know what is going to happen to people, and they don’t even believe me, when i tell them. It’s the same way with the jews. Old fart finklestein told people straight up that the jews kill kids, drink their blood and put their bodies into  your food. The jews tell this straight to the people, yet the people don’t believe it. Why do you think they put the pictures of kids on milk cartons? Probably because the missing kids are in the cereal. They put it right in your face and tell you, and the americans just keep eating their own kids. Because they are way too smart to get fooled by anyone. You can tell them straight to their face, and they won’t believe the Truth, no matter what. At first i was skeptical of the jews claiming to eat kids and rape and kill them and drain their blood. But now i believe. jews do it everyday to Palestinian kids. And now we know, American kids too. In fact, in the video below you will see some jews who want to put this kid on a milk carton. The jews might tell a lot of lies and BS, but you better believe them when they tell you they are drinking their enemies blood.

I was thinking – God made me a holy man. If you listen to what God told me, God will make you holy, too.


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