Babylonian Baloneyian

28 Aug

August 27, 2016

Sometimes i hear about people who proclaim to be “speaking in tongues” as some sort of miracle from God. However, i can see this belief that people suddenly are overcome and start babbling senselessly is not something that comes from God. Babbling senselessly is a misunderstanding of what “speaking in tongues” means. It means that God blessed the disciples, as they were preparing to go to different countries around the world and teach Jesus’ teaching, and God made them able to speak other languages. That way they can preach the Holy Gospel. Babbling senselessly is not a gift from God. God does not act senselessly or do things that are senseless. Men do. The miracle was that the disciples suddenly could speak in other languages.

Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2

4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and
began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave
them utterance.

If you read the entire chapter 2 of Acts, this will become very clear. NO, God’s Word is not senseless babbling.

I was thinking about Jesus and what His opinion would be of homosexuals. Often times i have heard Christians, mind you, Christians, say that God hates gays. I have also heard people say that God hates liars. However, anyone who knows Scripture knows both of these statements are false. Jesus taught us to love our brothers. God does not hate anyone or anything that He made. You will never read in Scripture something such as Jesus was feeding the five thousand bread and grapes and came upon two lesbians and started ranting and raving at them “get out of here you  $%$# #$#! I hate you! You can’t have any bread!” NO, and we never read about Jesus coming upon some people, and knowing everything about everyone, suddenly started going off on some guy and saying “I know you’re a liar, and i hate you! No bread for you! Get out of here!” No, Jesus taught us to love our brothers. All of them. Jesus, being our leader by example, did just that, and He never was mean to any people. Jesus was sinless, so we know for a FACT that He led by example and HATED NO ONE! Jesus loved all His Brothers, as  much as He loves Himself. God is incapable of putting out the bad fruit of hatred. It’s impossible, because God is pure goodness. There is nothing evil about God. People will get thrown into  hell and burn for being disobedient and breaking God’s Laws, but not because God hates them. People go to hell because they  broke the Laws. Heaven is for people who are filled with love. People full of hatred don’t go there. If Jesus was concerned with people’s sexual orientation, He would have told us so. But as we can see, Jesus did not say anything about it. Why? Because He doesn’t care about it. It’s people who say that sex an abomination, not Jesus.


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