Your Heart Of Hearts

26 Aug

August 25, 2016

i thought about what Jesus told us about marriage and what did He say about homosexuality? Well, it appears to me the only thing Jesus told us was not to commit adultery. I don’t recall reading anything Jesus said about any sin being an abomination to God, except betrayal. The worst sin example we see in Scripture is betrayal, when Judas betrayed Jesus. You will go to hell for killing your brother, but not for kissing your brother. You can kiss your wife anywhere you want. There are not some places that are “OK” to kiss her and others that are “abominations”. Jesus never said that marriage had to be between only a man and a woman. I’m very highly confident if this was a matter of peoples’ Life and Death, Jesus would have definitely informed us so. Simply, and clearly. People should be concerned with their own behavior and not the sexual habits of their brothers anyway. What a different world this would be if we all lived very fruitfully, and built and cherished large, healthy families around the world, and cherished life, instead of going around the world killing everything.

Before i mentioned that people eat meat and they don’t care that an animal got murdered. You can tell them they are eating a murder victim, a victim of a horrible murder, just for that samwich. And they won’t care. Why not? Because they don’t have a conscience. They kill and eat the animals without care. The people say Well we have a conscience, because we only kill animals, we don’t kill people. Or they will say See, i have a pet at my house, so that proves that i love animals and have a conscience. No, it doesn’t prove you have a conscience if you have one animal that you could have killed, and you didn’t, when you mercilessly killed and ate ten thousand other animals. The preponderance of the evidence shows that you have no conscience. As far as saying Well, we don’t condone murdering people, only animals, well, you don’t have two consciences – one for people and one for animals. YOu only have one. And if your conscience doesn’t tell you it’s wrong to hurt and kill animals, then your conscience doesn’t work. It’s broken. Your conscience should tell you it’s wrong to hurt animals, and if it doesn’t work, then you have a broken conscience. It’s the same thing as not having one at all, if it doesn’t work. That’s like the Freemasons. They do what is wrong. They don’t stand for what is right, they stand for what is wrong. Why? For personal  gain. They have no conscience against doing anything wrong. And besides, most people have pets because the people love themselves, and want the pet for themselves, not because they care about the pet. People who adopt from shelters have animals because they care about pets, not out of self love. So we begin to see that people who don’t care about doing wrong or hurting others are deformed people. They are freaks. Their brains just can’t grow quite right. That’s why they go around doing wrong things and hurting others, animals and people. They are deformed people.

People who eat meat don’t even have the sense God gave a monkey. Because a chimpanzee will not even eat meat. Some people say Look, here’s one animal i could have killed that i didn’t, so that proves that i’m not an animal murderer. Even though they killed ten thousand animals. That’s the same kind of logic that a serial bank robber would say I’m not a thief, because here is one bank i could have robbed, but i didn’t. This is very important for people to know. It’s very important that people know the difference between right and wrong, and their conscience should tell them it’s wrong to hurt people and animals. And if it doesn’t, that means there is something wrong with your conscience. If people don’t know the difference between right and wrong, then they are no good of people. They will have no motivation for doing what is right, but only for doing what is wrong.


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