Puss Has Nowhere To Hide

26 Aug

August 25, 2016

People might think i am too hard on the Freemasons. But the Freemasons want to poison your children, they want to kill the old people and put all the kids in Fema camps. The Freemasons hate Christians, they hate Americans, they only care about other Freemasons. And after the Freemasons stab you in the back and cause your kids to get sterilized and deformed and paralyzed and dead, and society is collapsed, and you are dead, they want your soul to burn alive forever, in hell. Yeah, so you could say that i have no use for such creatures. I won’t even call them people. Not just because they do it to my kids, but because they do it to your kids.

During the past 13 years, since God first spoke to me in 2003, i have heard God. I have seen the Hand of God. I have seen a lot of evil. When you look evil real close in the face like i have to, it makes you feel kind of sick. It’s disgusting. Whenever you are dealing with evil it’s about the same as wiping poop out of your ass. It’s not pleasant. During these  years i have heard a lot from God, and i have seen a lot of evil things done by man. But not once have i heard anything from Satan, or any demons, or anything evil, other than all the evil things i have seen people do.



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