Jesus Never Taught Hatred Or Intolerance

26 Aug

August 26, 2016

There is a very simple way to determine whether something is right, or wrong. That is to determine if anyone gets hurt. If anyone gets hurt by a practice, it is wrong. Hurt physically or psychologically, or suffers any damage. I think i mentioned this before, that God does not really care what people do, as long as nobody is getting hurt, whether people or animals. But when people and animals are getting hurt, then God does care, quite a lot. So we can measure our own behavior by determining that we don’t hurt anyone. If we hurt others by trying to force our personal opinions on everyone else, then that is also wrong. When you see a person judge another person for homosexuality, for example, the only person committing a sin is the one who is judging. Intolerance is an indication that a teaching is “not” from God. If your religion teaches that you should intolerate all non-believers, that religion is not from God. God told us to “Love one another”. That means to tolerate one another.


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