Why Do They Act Like Inbreeds?

23 Aug

August 23, 2016

When people take it upon themselves to judge other people, they are saying that they personally will determine what is right and wrong. First of all, man cannot judge. But also, when man does this he places himself in God’s position. He says “I will be God and determine what is right and wrong”.  This is not possible. But even worse, that man is judging God’s Works. But all he is doing is condemning his ownself. He’s just being foolish. Disregarding God’s Word in Scripture is the most foolish thing people can do. Trying to put yourself in God’s Throne to judge others is a pretty foolish thing for man to do. People think they are so great and intelligent that they can judge others. But they are so foolish that they think the Earth spins around, and rotates around the Sun, and they think man actually flew through the radiation belts with some physically impossible “rocket engines” and played a few holes of golf on the moon and flew back. These self-righteous geniuses want to be in charge of judging you, but they are obviously quite incapable. They don’t even know what they are f(_(*-^$$ talking about.


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