Who Let The INbreeds Be In Charge?

23 Aug

August 23, 2016

Scripture tells us “Judge not”. Why? Because lest we will be judged? We should not judge others because it is not righteous. We are incapable of judging God’s Works.  Jesus told us to “love one another” not to judge one another. Just because you have a personal opinion about something does NOT make your personal opinion a Universal Law. God is the judge of man, not other men. Who are you to take it upon yourself to decide what God made is good and what is bad? If we judge others, we are judging God, and God’s Work. God did not put you in charge to go forth and judge others according to your own opinions. God told us to love others, not to judge them to determine if they are worthy of our love or not, but simply to love them. Irregardless. The two greatest commandments are Love God, and love one another. Irregardless. People who try to force their own personal opinions on everyone else are narrow minded bigots without understanding. It would not be a Rainbow without all the different colors.


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