Vampire Rituals

23 Aug

August 23, 2016

I never understood the ritual of eating crackers and drinking wine at church. Now i understand it is a satanic ritual. First of all, God taught us to never eat flesh. Since eating flesh is an abomination to God, we don’t eat “pretend meat” either. Look at me, i’m pretending to commit an abomination to God!  And so neither do we pretend to eat Jesus’ flesh and pretend to drink “His blood”! How much worse would that be?  Having vampire rituals has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. People are not saved by repeating poems over and over or by practicing rituals. People are saved by being righteous. That is the only way to Heaven. IN Scripture, it is supposedly said by some of the disciples that not all of the people were able to keep that teaching, of eating Jesus’ flesh. That’s right, true Christians cannot believe that, because it’s BS.


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