No Such Thing As “Impossible”

23 Aug

August 23, 2016

I had a funny thought, that is how today the world is continually evil, as it was in the days of Noah. That’s why it was destroyed. Now what if good people overtook the world and it wasn’t continually evil anymore, would God still destroy the Earth? In Scripture, the only time i ever read where God changed His Mind about something was when He was going to destroy some people, but they repented, and so they were not destroyed. That’s the only time. But of course, that is the same thing that God does for each and every one of us. So if the world became filled with good, would God spare it, since He does not want to destroy man, but to set him straight with God? I think it could be possible. I don’t see why not. But i do not know for sure. But as i always say, with God, all things are possible.


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