A Thousand Words Paints A Picture

23 Aug

August 22, 2016

Before i mentioned that God does not love gold, or “things”. If God loved gold so much, He could just print as much gold as He wanted. Then He’d have so much gold, it would be worthless. No, God does not seek out happiness by loving “things”. Things are essentially meaningless to Him. As some people have pointed out, the best things in life are not things. That’s how warped our sense of reality has become, that TVs and cellphones matter more to us than the lives of children and innocent animals and people here and abroad. TV shows are more important to people than the actual reality of the world they live in! That’s a scary thought. What condition is that called – reality dreaming? I envision people wandering around looking at their “reality” on a 3.4″ screen, unaware of the actual world they live in. And what’s become even more scary for me to think about is not only have people seem to have lost their grip on reality, within a couple weeks time through tainted vaccinations, bad people could turn millions of people into brain dead zombies. Then they would just turn barbarians loose on the people and it would be total destruction. Unimaginable horror, especially for small children and young mothers.

I was thinking how i give up everything in life to be a servant of God, even my life itself if necessary. I even gave up women. Well, i think some people can do that, maybe for a time, maybe for a lifetime. I begin to understand what nuns do when they essentially “marry” God. When we have a close relationship with God it’s like we are married, not married in itself but devoted to God as much as we would be married. Therefore by dedicating 100% of our life to God, we have as close a relationship to God as we possibly can. If we are married then it takes away from our devotion to God. It’s not bad, but it’s not maximum. I understand why nuns do it more, pardon the pun, because women are more likely to live a celibate life than men are. Again, of course it’s not necessary, but it brings people closer to God. Scripture said not all can accept it, let those who can accept it do. Of course on our own we can not do anything. But with God, anything is possible.

I thought of Scripture that tells us that “know ye not that your body is the temple of God, and whoever defileth the temple, him will God destroy”.  An example of defiling one’s body would be to set out to do inbreeding. That will definitely defile your body, and you will probably have deformed kids who die off. Will these people even have souls? That’s what i also thought about – why some people don’t have all the senses that God gave us, such as Spirituality. They’re deformed. I realize those folks have no spirituality because they have no spirit. They have no soul. Now i see that it is as hard for me to understand that, as it is for them to understand what it is like for us to have souls. Weird! But we will know who these people are, because we will recognize them by their fruits. They will be doing evil things. Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, hating, anything. They love money so much, you will probably find them running a printing press. They don’t care, because they have no conscience and so they only do evil things. They are only nice to others if it benefits themselves. It’s like if you are trying to help someone, and they come up and call you a freak for trying to help them, then they are acting like a freak. If people act like inbreds, what does that tell you? If people can’t help from acting like inbreds, what does that tell you?


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