I See Rainbows

22 Aug

August 22, 2016

Earlier i mentioned that America goes around the world killing people and animals with no regard. Beings that it is almost 2020, i think people should be more morally advanced than to go around the world killing people like some senseless tribe people or something like that. When did it become “normal” to “solve problems” by killing? People don’t even think about it. They don’t even care. They see it on the news while they eat dinner and they don’t care. Because it doesn’t affect them. Yet.

It seems if people don’t grow and advance, then the old saying is true that if you are not moving ahead then you are falling behind. If people are not advancing they are degenerating. They are degenerates. They are reprobates. That’s what Scripture tells us. Wicked, depraved, unprincipled people. Morally deprived. Bankrupt.

I thought whatever people decide for animals, either to let them live or to kill them and eat them, that is what they choose for themselves. If they choose life or death for the animals, that is what they choose for themselves. That sounds fair to me. They have no more right to live than any other living creature, and God never told man that He wanted man to be His “angels of death” and go around killing His innocent creatures. No, He never said that. He said If you kill my animals I’m going to kill you. And He will, because He is Always True to His Word. It’s impossible for God to lie, and that’s what makes it so easy for us to believe Him.

I had a very funny thought. I thought, what if you had what you thought was a good idea to change the world for the better, or to do something better, and no one listened. That would be normal. Generally no one seems to care. But what if you had some idea and you wanted to share it with other people, and they actually listened, and heard you! What would happen then? I don’t know! That might make you laugh until you go insane!



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