A World Full Of Evil

22 Aug

August 22, 2016

I have been reading about Islam and i learned that their “prophet” that they worship Muhammad is a child molester. Now who would worship a child molester? Certainly people who don’t seem to know the difference between “right” and “wrong”. That’s who.

Before i mentioned that our daily goal is to try our hardest every day, and keep trying harder, every day to do better. As long as we are trying to do our best, no one can say that we weren’t. How do we know if we are trying harder every day? I think of it like learning guitar. We practice daily and we try to show some improvement every day. If we practice daily then we can’t help but to show improvement, even if just a little.

I thought about how every color of the rainbow is necessary to make a rainbow, and how every musical note is needed to make songs. Every kind of people also exist together, and nothing is more or less important than anything else. Every thing is interconnected. There is nothing that exists unto itself. Everything is part of the whole.

I was thinking about how America bombs babies and innocent people around the world, for no reason except so some bankers can make millions of dollars. That’s not right. America should not be murdering anybody. When i see America is now bombing hospitals i realize America has lost every sense of human decency. I can’t support America when they have been reduced to baby murderers and Gaza murderers, and slaughterers of people and animals, world wide. No, i can’t support them when they do that. That would make me a hypocrite. I care about children and people and animals, not money. When i see child molesters running the country and people in charge who have no conscience at all then i think America has just about hit rock bottom. As long as America goes against what is right then i only support her overthrow and the destruction of evil.

Islam child molestors


Jew child molestors




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