That’s Why It’s Called OUr “Common” Sense

21 Aug

August 20, 2016

Some people may not agree with me that our common sense is our 6th sense. However it seems very clear to me. We have our other five senses, but without our common sense, our first five senses would be worthless. For example, if we walked to the edge of a cliff and we Saw that it was a 500 foot straight off drop, we could see it clearly. But without our common sense, we would walk right over the edge. We wouldn’t know any better. We might hear a scary noise, which without our common sense wouldn’t mean anything. But our common sense tells us to run. If we smell smoke, and so on. Then we rely on our common sense as much or more than our first five senses. It makes sense to me. But i have to realize that not everyone has all their senses, either. Some people don’t have common sense. Or their common sense can be blocked out by deceit, ignorance or self righteousness. Either way. But we hope that all people are healthy and exercise all their senses, so they can experience Life fully, and completely. Healthy minds experience love and happiness, while unhealthy minds suffer from the diseases of hatred and evil. If we can learn to let go of our hatred we will live a lot longer. Hatred truly is cancer of the soul.


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