Mean People Abuse Animals

20 Aug

August 20, 2016

People who have pets communicate with their animals. Pets also communicate with their owners. We can’t speak the same language, but we can understand each other. Animals are not stupid. Many animals are very wise. I raised 6 little baby chickens. Some of them like to be picked up and held, and some do not. My small rooster is 1 and half years old, and he still likes to be picked up and held. Although, some of my other birds will freak out if you try to pick them up. My little rooster, when he wants me to pick him up he will come up to me and peck me on the hand, and then stand still so i can pick him up. One time he pecked me on the hand, right on the blood vein and made me bleed a little bit. He tasted the blood, i saw him licking his beak, and i wondered what he would do since he tasted my blood. Ever since then when he wants me to pick him up, he still pecks my hand, but he does it very gently now. He’s a smart little birdie. They are just like cats and dogs when it comes to raising pets and understanding them. They too are compassionate little creatures.

I should warn some children though, about the dangers of feeding animals. One thing you should never do if you feed some horses or sheep is never put your fingers in their mouth! They don’t know – if you put something in their mouth they will think it’s food and bite it. I learned this when i was very small and i got to give the horses sugar cubes every now and then. They taught me to hold your hand flat, because if you put your fingers in the horses mouth, he will bite them off! But not all kids are raised on the farm, so i wanted to let all kids know. I heard about one kid from the city who fed a sheep, and just about lost his finger by putting it in the sheeps mouth! My brother said that kid is a world class guitarist, and his sister too. But that sheep almost altered his musical abilities. So i thought i should warn all kids not to put your fingers in animals mouths. Hold your hand flat so they can’t bite you. It’s safer for you and the animals, because your finger probably tastes yukky to a horse or a sheep! Tastes like blood! Ewwww! Gross!

For me, learning to play guitar was kind of like learning Morse code – start with the first string and learn the notes on the first string, then the second and so forth. There are only six strings. Now after i learned guitar for awhile i learned that the guitar is kind of an interesting thing. The six strings are E B G D A E which i learned by that old saying Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter. The small string being the first E and B is the second string. Now the interesting thing is that in the musical scale, there is no space between E and F. There is no space between B and C. That means the musical scale goes A, A sharp, B, C, C sharp, D, D sharp, E, F, F sharp and G, G sharp, then A again. There is no B sharp or E sharp, or C flat or F flat. On the guitar if we take the first string and learn all the notes on it from the first to the twelth fret, the notes on the neck of the guitar follow the same exact pattern as the musical scale. The first string E open is E. There is no space between E and F, so we press down on the first fret and that is F. The next fret would be F sharp, the next G, G sharp, then A, and we learn all the notes by following the exact same musical scale pattern. Now the funny thing is, when you get to the 12th fret on the E string, the 12th fret is also E. That is the same for every string. When you play the notes on each string, when you get to the 12th fret it is the same as the open string. To me that seems interesting. There must be some sort of mathematical reason for that, or something.  But to me it is just an interesting and kind of magical thing about the guitar.


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