Hemorrhoid Sufferers

20 Aug

August 20, 2016

I mentioned the other day that i finally realized why it was so easy to defeat the enemies of God. Because they are idiots. Nonsensical fools. Complete tools without any comprehension or sensibility. Then i realized it’s kind of like God played a joke on me. Here i thought He had all these big scary powerful enemies, and just like the wizard of oz, now i see it is just a little inbred waving a big cardboard cutout. I can’t be scared of inbreds, it’s just a joke. NOw i realize what the true situation really is. Satan can’t hurt you. That’s just some four foot tall guy with a four inch nose trying to scare you. When you realize that, it’s not scary anymore.

Before i mentioned that people who have no consciences, such as inbreds and other genetically modified organisms, who are no longer human, they have no problem killing other creatures. They will kill other people, animals, even their own children, their own flesh and blood they will destroy. But in the case of abortion, the mother is killing tissue that due to it’s mother being inbred or genetically deficient it is also genetically deficient. So it’s no big loss. It’s no loss at all. It’s not a human if it doesn’t have a soul. It’s not even an animal, if it doesn’t have a soul. But this is the nature of these people who have no consciences. They have no compunction against killing, lying, cheating, stealing, hating, abusing, or doing anything evil. These people have no spirituality and cannot understand what it is, because they are not bound from doing evil things by the inconvenience of having a conscience. They don’t even know what that means.

What are you going to do in the face of these enemies? Cower in fear? LoL! Come on. The chain of command is down, morale is down, discipline is down, Aegis is down – what do you want me to do, go to Washington and do everything my self?


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