Speed Limit On The Pursuit Of Happiness?

19 Aug

August 18, 2016

Who is going to win the championship this year? Who is going to set a new record? Who is going to make some amazing plays? Who is going to help some kids? Who is going to get good grades? I don’t know. You’re going to have to tell me.

I watched a tape of Steve Prefontaine and he said that his plan was to “come out hard and lead the entire way”. That was his key to being successful. It’s similar to the best defense is a good offense. It’s also similar to Oregon Ducks former coach Chip Kelly’s strategy. He would come out hard and fast and never let up, the entire game. He would just blow teams out. He never went and took a nap in the second half. I think this is a good strategy for winning. Better to play as hard as you can in the first half rather than wait until the last quarter. Some people are very successful using this strategy.


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