Their Looks Are All Scrambled Up And So Are Their Brainz

16 Aug

August 15, 2016


The mental task of thinking turns into the physical task of writing. It seems that everything should be completed mentally, but speaking and writing are still required. I have to write things down because as i think of things, just as quickly i can forget them completely. I think this must be similar to how song writers write. They must write down ideas as they think of them. Perhaps.

One thing a good parent provides for their young is a good education. This is true of baby humans and baby birds, and many babys have to be taught how to eat and fly and stuff like that. It’s necessary for the baby’s survival. Some times schools try to teach kids things, and they teach them wrong stuff. Then people get real mixed up.  Before i mentioned that i am not free to disclose everything that i know. The reasons for this is not because no one else can know, but it must be known when the time is right. Every thing has to have it’s correct timing. It’s the same for every thing, even me. It’s no big secret, it’s just not time to learn about that, yet.

When it comes to eating flesh, it comes down to whether or not we believe Scripture. We either believe what Scripture says, or we don’t.

When i was young as i mentioned we were taught by whippings. And we even got whipped when we didn’t deserve it. My adopted dads idea of raising a five year old was to whip it, call it names, and threaten it constantly. I think he is an example of a psychopath, because he was a six foot two hundred pound guy beating the shit out of a little five year old.  And my adopted mom, too. She witnessed it all. She knew how i was treated too. But she didn’t say a word. Then we would go to town and go to church, and my parents were all smiles and acted like they were all normal people and everything was just peachy keen at our house. But us adopted children lived in constant fear and terror of being whipped and being beaten and abused. We knew these people were’nt all these great nice folks they pretended to be at church. That’s how we were raised. ONe big continuous lie. It even goes on today, fifty years later. But everyone thought those abusive folks were such great, nice people, because that’s what they wanted them to think.

I learned about inbreeds and the problems it is creating in the jews and other arabs in the Middle East. Muslims are taught to practice cousin marriage and abuse little boys and girls by the Koran.  jews are proven by genetic testing that they are inbred Arabs. They try to inbreed themselves to get the strongest and biggest. But all inbreeding makes a weaker offspring. Every time. Even if it appears normal, inbreds are always inferior and damaged. So the jews being so stupid thinking they were going to make themselves superhumans by inbreeding turned themselves into mentally retarded genetically deficient beings instead. Ooops. Doh! Whose bright idea was that? Inbreeding is designed so that if folks decide to inbreed, they are all going to die off, very shortly. It’s done that way, on purpose. If it was intended to be that way it would make people better, not handicapped and deformed.

Well after four years of study and thought, i no longer have any ideas of trying to save everyone, as i had first imagined. Now i see that it is Scripturally impossible. So now i hope only to help save as many people as possible. NOw i see that many people won’t be saved, even if you try to help them. Some people think i am too rough on the people, the freemasons and the jews. But i am here to convert them to Christianity, or deliver their souls to hell. I’m not here to play f$#%$#%$ pattycake with them.






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